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Are Newer AC Units More Energy Efficient

You probably adore having central air conditioning in the summer to keep your house cool and comfortable. You certainly do not enjoy the rise in energy consumption, the ozone-depleting refrigerant, or the outdoor condensing unit’s loud noise.
Fortunately, improvements in climate control technologies enable us to experience a quiet, peaceful house without these inconveniences. You can reap the benefits by switching to a new electric air conditioning system. If you wish to find out if your air-conditioning unit is adequate or needs to replace, you need to grasp the concept of SEER first to determine the potential benefits.

SEER Ratings

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is referred to as SEER. The amount of energy needed to extract even heat energy from an enclosed environment is indicated by this value. The climate control system is more efficient the higher the number. The minimum SEER rating for brand-new air conditioners as of 2015 is 13 SEER in the northern countries and 14 SEER throughout the southern ones. Systems with SEER ratings as much as 25 are the most effective. Existing units with lesser efficiency ratings can still be used, however. There are still numerous older AC units with SEER levels of 10 and below. However, these devices no longer operate optimally after decades of wear and tear. A 10-SEER appliance will likely work at an Eight SEER efficacy or lower.

When to replace existing HVAC units

You ought to be aware of when you should replace your equipment. Even if your air conditioning system appears to have relatively few issues, it can already be inefficient. You can find out if you would gain from a replacement from a Professional HVAC Services provider business by consulting with a technician. If your heating system or air conditioner is over ten years old, consider replacing it. Your device loses some of its former efficiency after this. A new AC system will also be necessary if your home has been expanded. If your appliance is not functioning correctly, you might need to replace it if the damage is severe. Most businesses will let you know if repairs are insufficient. Regular upkeep can rapidly pile up, making an AC replacement enticing.

Choosing your new HVAC unit

British thermal units (BTUs) per hour are used to measure the amount of heating and cooling. The ton of refrigeration determines the size of air conditioning systems, and 12,000 BTU/hour equals one ton of air conditioning. As a rule, a 1,000-square-foot, well-insulated home requires a one-ton air conditioning system to maintain comfort. Therefore, choose a unit proportionate to the area you want to cool.

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